Founded in 2001 by Ken Selzer, DefensePlacements has assisted more than 300 organizations worldwide with their professional search and staffing needs. We are a full service recruiter with services that include executive search, contract staffing, candidate video Interviewing and personality profiling.

Our clients tell us there are four main reasons they choose us over competitors:

Expertise - We know how to identify world-class leadership talent.  We have one of the most comprehensive databases of candidates in the executive search industry — and we're constantly adding to it.  Whether your business ranges from Aerospace to Defense, or Aviation to General Manufacturing, our team has the knowledge and access to understand and solve your specific talent needs.

Execution - We know where to find qualified, available and interested talent.  More importantly, we know how to get it to you.  For every position, we follow our time-tested and highly effective Priority Search Process to identify, qualify and deliver the talent you need.  How do we know it works?  The answer is simple: 3 to 1.  For every 3 candidates we put in front of clients, one of them is hired.  That means you save time and money.

Focus on Cultural Fit - Making sure candidates for your leadership roles have the right technical skills is just half the answer.  It's equally important that they fit your culture — and we make sure they will.  With our 360-degree reference process, we speak with every candidate's bosses, peers and subordinates to get a strong sense of their personality and leadership style — before we ever introduce them to you.  Just as significantly, we evaluate candidates with a customizable Personality Profile system, which matches the behavioral traits of candidates with the core competencies you believe are critical for success in a given role.

World-Class Deliverables - Details matter, and our deliverables show our commitment to getting things right.  We start with a detailed Position Profile, which we write and send to you at the start of the search to make sure we know exactly what to look for.  Throughout the search you will receive a weekly update that details the status of every candidate in our pipeline. You will then receive an in-depth summary detailing the background, strengths and weaknesses of every candidate we put before you.  In short, you will know exactly where your search stands from start to finish.

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