Private Equity

There is currently a war for talent being waged across every business segment and functional area of corporate America.  Companies of all sizes are battling for the very best talent available, striving to gain every possible competitive edge under very difficult business conditions.

Private Equity firms are impacted particularly by the need for 'A' Level talent.  With limited time frames in which to provide a return to their investors, Private Equity firms do not have the luxury of developing talent over long periods of time.  The need to 'top grade' senior leaders in the portfolio ranks is constant and increasingly pressing in this difficult and challenging economy.  Our Private Equity clients engage us to locate talent with world-class skill sets in their disciplines while also possessing a solid understanding of the requirements that are unique to success in the Private Equity world.

Through the utilization of our industry leading priority search process, the Private Equity group at DefensePlacements consistently attracts and delivers the talent uniquely qualified for each of our clients' diverse needs.  Our focused approach and relentless drive insures that each of our Private Equity clients' needs are filled with the highest quality 'A' Level talent available.

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