Rebound in Manufacturing Under Way

During the economic crisis of 2009 one of the industries that was hit the hardest was manufacturing. Many jobs were lost and the government even intervened in some aspects to help keep the industry afloat. However, as the economy recovers, job growth in the manufacturing sector has begun to rebound.

Part of the reason for the comeback is that companies are bringing jobs back to America. Low-cost labor is essential to the success of a company that is looking to expand and unfortunately the cheapest labor isn’t in America. But, heeding the manufacturing industry’s call for assistance, companies are minimizing outsourcing to other countries and bringing jobs back to America.

The flat rate of wage labor is also a cause of the rebound, which sounds counter-intuitive. Why would anyone want to come back to a job that isn’t going to increase their paycheck? The point isn’t the money for the workers so to speak but rather focuses on the creation and sustaining of jobs and growth for the American people. Remember, it also has to be worthwhile for the business owner not to outsource to cheaper countries and a flat wage keeps business owners and workers happy by creating flat wage jobs.

In addition to limiting outsourcing operations and maintaining a flat wage rate, many manufacturing companies, like those who deal in copper, are reliant upon government subsidies that allow them to stay afloat and weather the worst part of the economic storm. Tax breaks are also often offered to large companies like General Electric in exchange for creating jobs in America rather than elsewhere; a provision that GE is happy to oblige.

It is because of these reasons and many other smaller ones that the manufacturing aspect of our country has been able to see sustained growth in the past three years. (The New York Times reported that manufacturing’s share of the Gross Domestic Product rose from 11 percent in 2009 to 12.2 percent in 2011.) As American industry, the government and the public at large continue to work together, growth is expected to continue and America will once again be on the top of the manufacturing world wide.  Now is a time to find the perfect job in manufacturing and as businesses grow you'll get your foot in the door before other manufacturing centered employees.
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