Defense Placements is an excellent technical recruiting firm. They are diligent in understanding job requirements, have an excellent database of candidates, and are excellent in screening potential applicants, evaluating their skills and the possibility for a successful hire. In addition, Ken Selzer is very personable and able to provide relevant insights based on his many years of recruiting experience. I highly recommend the firm for a priority search and for business development candidates.

Anonymous (3/2012)
Supplier to Defense Contractors

The working relationship with Ken is WONDERFUL.  He never tries to skirt HR like many vendors do.  He keeps me in the loop on everything.  He fully vets each candidate before submitting them and does not hesitate to reject candidates who look great on paper but may be long term trouble.  Many vendors would submit them anyway just to make a placement.  He gets to know each candidate personally, so rather than just sending resumes (what is the old saying about throwing something against a wall and seeing what sticks?), he knows everything about the candidate prior to submittal and will make 2-3 QUALITY submittals.

Heather Gagnier (1/2012)
Senior Recruiter

The DefensePlacements team is an outstanding group of individuals! Their professionalism, integrity and reliability are unsurpassed and unbeatable. I am honored to have been placed by DefensePlacements! I continuously praise and recommend them to my defense industry co-workers and peers.

Melissa Williams (2011)
ME Project Administrator
Major Aerospace Company

Ken Selzer and his team were able to find precisely the individuals we needed to help the start-up of a new business group within our company.

Anonymous (2010)
Senior Executive
Federal Business Division of a Construction Company

Ken Selzer has been one of the most professional recruiters that I have worked with. He is one of only three agencies that I choose to do business with.

Anonymous (2012)
HR Director
Major Defense Company

Ken Selzer and his team at DefensePlacements proved to be a highly reactive, professional organization that rises to the challenge.  While conducting a search for a Program Manager (successfully), I threw into the mix an urgent need for an Electro-mechanical Engineer.  Without waiting to go through the necessary effort of defining the position profile, Ken and his team jumped to the call based upon discussions we had.  By the time we had nailed down the position profile and signed the agreement I already had 4 viable candidates on my desk, of which, we hired one.  This organization gets my highest recommendation.

Anonymous (2011)
Program Manager
Protech Armored Products

Working with Ken and his team at DefensePlacements was efficient, thorough, and professional.  They truly know and understand the Defense Sector and its unique characteristics.  They identified and screened two 'A' type professionals who we subsequently hired.  I work with other recruiters and it is without reservation that I recommend DefensePlacements if you have recruitment needs that require knowledge and experience in defense related markets.

Anonymous (2009)
Vice President
General Dynamics- Ordnance and Tactical Systems

Thank you, DefensePlacements!  From the very beginning of the recruitment process, I trusted that you were looking for the right fit for both the employer and employee. Your staff was honest and fair, offering insight, knowledge and advice -- without an ounce of pressure. My interviews were exciting and pleasureable and my final decision-making made very easy. You connected me with an employer looking for my skillsets yet offering the challenges and environment I desired. After six years with my previous employer, I expected this transition to be very difficult. On the contrary, your magic worked and I love my new job

Lisa Pinegar (2009)
Proposal Development Manager
Major Defense Contractor

Changed my view of recruiters.  Truly a professional and competent organization; always responsive and honest.  They know and understand the complicated world of security clearances.

Anonymous (2011)
Senior Vice President
Intelligence Company in DC Area

DefensePlacements is our "'go to guy".  If I have a search for which we cannot fill from internal recruiters, we call them.  They come through.  They do what they say they will do.

Anonymous (2011)
VP of Business Development
Engineering Test Facility

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