The Importance of Long Term Goals in Transition

Long-term goals are essential for everyone with career aspirations and military veterans are no exception to this.  It is crucial to set short-term and long-term goals for yourself as part of your plan for life after the military.  Otherwise, you could find yourself out of the military with no job or career path in sight.  This lack of planning makes the transition that much more difficult to adapt to, so the best thing to do is to set both short and long-term goals for your post-military life.

Short-term goals are a must because you will need a stepping stone in place after leaving the armed forces.  Unless there are unlimited resources at your disposal, you will need to find a job to support yourself while you set in place your long-term goals.  With the correct amount of planning and a strong sense of how to accomplish your goals, your transition can be a smooth, stress-free process.

Long-term goals can be more complicated because you may have to factor in issues such as family and career growth potential.  It is fine to do something low-key right after transition but how does it factor into your future aspirations?  You need a career and, in some cases, you will have to move and/or support a family.  These require goals that are more permanent and should not be taken lightly.  If it is important to plan for the short-term, it is that much more crucial to think about what will happen to you and your family in the long-term.  Things to consider may include work for your spouse, surrounding economy in the city of interest, school districts for your children, and even the growth potential within a company you are considering.  All of these considerations apply to long-term goals and should be decided in a thorough manner.

Obviously, the more flexibility you have, the easier it is to set long-term goals.  For most, though, they must consider other people, locations, and career options.  The best way to make this as stress-free as possible is to not only plan what needs to be done directly after transition but what will happen to you and possibly your family in the next five to ten years.  Planning ahead is necessary, and, if done efficiently, will make your life much easier.

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