Value We Provide

We understand that your core competency lies in the development, manufacturing and marketing of your product/services to the Defense, Security, Manufacturing, & Private Equity markets and that attracting "A" Level candidates is critical to growth and profitability.

Our core competency is identifying, qualifying and bringing these "A" Level candidates to our clients.  Performance is what matters and the numbers don't lie.  We have tracked our performance over the years and the numbers from the metrics show that for every 3.8 face to face interviews there is 1.0 placement.  Those are impressive odds.

Any recruiter can find candidates and forward resumes but we take the time to cull and verify each potential candidate before sending them to you.

We offer Pre-Recorded Video Interviews with our submissions.  You are one click away from seeing the candidate answer your key questions.

We are in the market every day and network with hundreds of clients and candidates.

We keep to our values of honesty, respect, and integrity.  We will never compromise these values with any client or candidate regardless of the issue..

We know and understand the types and the terms of security clearances.  We provide the candidate's NAME, SSN, DOB, POB for you to confirm eligibility.

We develop a professional search campaign and reach those "A" Level candidates who are usually successfully employed and well compensated.  We reach candidates that other available search methods cannot.

We present quality candidates in a timely manner.  You don't get volumes of unrelated resumes.  We are not a resume service.

We bring a candidate to life by ensuring that he/she meets all your stated "must haves" and advise you of information not on the resume.  We ask all candidates and report to you the "10 Things Not on a Resume" that you should know about the candidate.

We provide complete qualification of the candidate, including professional reference checks prior to the first face-to-face interview.

We provide you a quick response to unforeseen resignations or your need to staff a 'hot contract.'

We allow you to eliminate expensive ads and Internet services that attract volumes of unrelated resumes, necessitating countless hours of screening and qualification.

We reduce lost productivity due to an open position and various personnel diverted to locate, qualify and attract a quality candidate.

We work for you and with you.

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