Why Your Training is Perfect for Civilian Work

Transitioning from military service to civilian work can be difficult for many.  Approaching this transition with motivation and confidence is a must.  Luckily, military training has prepared you to manage time, work and stress and has made you a perfect fit for the civilian workforce.  Here are a few areas military training is perfect for civilian work:

  • Motivation and Initiative – Military training focuses on motivating individuals to take initiative in their daily work.  Although military service can have more difficult and stressful every day work situations, being motivated in the civilian workforce will separate you from your peers and establish you as a hard-working, motivated individual in your company.
  • Leadership is a Must – Many times, individuals transitioning into the civilian workforce find their daily lives lacking the obligations and requirements that were part of every day work when working as a service member.  Civilian companies are always looking for quality leadership in their business.  The leadership qualities you developed in service have prepared you for success in the civilian world, so make the most of it.
  • Stress Management – Your daily duties in military service are stressful and, at times, dangerous.  Although these experiences may have been less than ideal, they have prepared you for a positive transition to civilian work.  Daily stresses involved in civilian work may not be as physically dangerous as they were as a service member, however, they can be stressful in their own right.  Your military training has helped you adapt to working in stressful situations, so finding yourself stressed in civilian work will be nothing new to you.  You’re trained to handle it and should be able to adapt to any work environment you find yourself in.
  • Highly Experienced Training – Military training is quality training that is extremely comprehensive.  Due to the secure and structured form of training you received, you are able to handle instruction well and and possess the qualities to transition into civilian work.  Military training includes cross training or exposure to several areas of technical training for a given job.  The more you can show employers your value, the more they will want you to join their team. 

Your military training has been a long, hard and rewarding process.  Don’t leave your training behind when you find yourself transitioning into the civilian workforce.  Using your comprehensive training and finely tuned skillset in your transition will not only minimize the stress of transition, it could lead you down a path of future success in whatever civilian work you find yourself in.

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